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The Roundtable: Geographic Silos in the Atlanta Region

2:15 PM, May 26, 2015

We rebroadcast our roundtable discussion on the Geographic Silos in the Atlanta region. Should all of the tech centers: including Midtown, Duluth and Alpharetta work under one umbrella? 

Metro Atlanta Chamber's Hala Moddelmog, Catavolt CEO George Mashini and Switchyards Founder Michael Tavani weigh in on this topic. 


Hala Moddelmog - Metro Atlanta Chamber

2:14 PM, May 26, 2015

We rebroadcast Dana's interview with Metro Atlanta Chamber President and CEO Hala Moddelmog. 

Amazon Prime Now | GA Fast 40 | 1M Miles for Hackers

2:14 PM, May 26, 2015

Amazon's Prime Now app delivers super-fast shopping to the Atlanta area, ACG Atlanta honors its 2015 'Georgia Fast 40' and United Airlines is rewarding hackers with up to 1 million frequent flyer miles. Plus, the latest tech events & jobs from Hypepotamus. 

Cool Stuff! Classic Speaker Adaptors & Litter Shaming

2:06 PM, May 26, 2015

Two audio devices, the Griffin Twenty and Gramofon, are reasons why classic speakers still rock and a new ad campaign from Ogilvy uses DNA technology to make litterbugs think twice before throwing out the trash.  

Self-Driving Car Wrecks | TAG Winner | New Story Charity

8:16 PM, May 17, 2015

Is it time to 'hit the brakes' on self-driving cars? Gimme Vending wins the TAG Business Launch Competition and a local charity is using technology to build homes for those in need. Plus, the hottest tech events and jobs from Hypepotamus. 

Jewel Burks - Partpic, Inc.

8:15 PM, May 17, 2015

Partpic co-founder and CEO Jewel Burks sits down with Dana to discuss her company's Rise of the Rest Tour Pitch Competition win, Partpic's growing success and Jewel's advice for women getting their start in the tech field. 

The Roundtable: How is Technology Changing Us?

8:14 PM, May 17, 2015

This week's roundtable discussion: how is technology changing us? Is technology making us lazy? How is it changing us for the better...and for the worse? 

Rich DeMillo - Director of the Center for 21st Century Universities at Georgia Tech, Jewel Burks - Co-founder & CEO of Partpic, Inc. and Jesse Lindsley - the CEO of Thrust, weigh in on this topic. 

Cool Stuff! High-tech Pet Play Time & Smart Mirrors

8:11 PM, May 17, 2015

iPet Companion has launched a kickstarter campaign to give your four-legged loved one some play time while you're away and fitting rooms are going high-tech with 'smart' mirrors coming soon to a store near you. 

And in 'Before We Go,' Dana touches on a GoFundMe campaign to help victims of the Nepal earthquakes. 

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