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HD Goes Back to School, HBCUs Get $25M, and M&A Trends

12:07 AM, Jan 25, 2015

Cutting Edge Trends: The biggest headlines of the week from Atlanta's technology industry.

Stephen Fleming: "Oh...and rockets!"

11:58 PM, Jan 24, 2015

As one of Atlanta's leading thought leaders, Stephen Fleming has already been through three careers, enjoys helping grownups launch startups, and hopes to ride in a rocket-ship one day.

3sage Consulting: The Wise Ones

11:50 PM, Jan 24, 2015

Find out how this company is using big data to tell stories that are helping their blue-chip clients grow their businesses.

Celebrating Data Privacy Day!

11:42 PM, Jan 24, 2015

Join this interactive, lively and revealing conversation with leading technology and privacy experts that will explore the future of health privacy and the pioneering technologies that are changing the game. 

Win a New GoPro Hero 4!

12:01 AM, Jan 18, 2015

Click here to see how easy it is to win a pair of tickets to the new Michael Bay film "Project Almanac" shot here in Georgia! Oh and then there's the new GoPro Hero 4 that's got your name written all over it.

NCR's BIG Move, Ionic's BIG Raise, and SMITE's BIG Win

11:37 PM, Jan 17, 2015

Cutting Edge Trends: The biggest headlines of the week from the Atlanta technology industry.

SalesLoft: A Unicorn Company?

11:30 PM, Jan 17, 2015

The fastest growing startup in the Atlanta Tech Village wants to be a billion dollar company. CEO Kyle Porter gives us 3 reasons why.

Tech-tertainment Law: The Interview about "The Interview"

11:27 PM, Jan 17, 2015

Meet the film & tech lawyer that's fighting for the right to keep making fun of people.

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